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Feitoria do Cacao SALOMAO 100% Dark Chocolate 100% 純黑朱古力



Bean to Bar 葡萄牙全手作100% 純黑古力 100% 所羅門群島可可,無糖、無任何添加 100% Cacao from Solomon Island, hand crafted by Feitoria do Cacao, Portugal No added sugar, zero additives Academy of Chocolate Awards 2021 Gold Award 金獎 Academy of Chocolate Awards 2022 Bronze Award 銅獎


Feitoria do Cacao SALOMAO100% 純黑朱古力 50克

Feitoria do Cacao SALOMAO 100% Dark Chocolate 50g

Academy of Chocolate Awards 2021 Gold Award 金獎

Academy of Chocolate Awards 2022 Bronze Award 銅獎


100% 所羅門群島可可、葡萄牙Feitoria do Cacao全手工製作出品

100% Cacao from Solomon Island, hand crafted by Feitoria do Cacao, Portugal 


Tasting note: olive, cashew, cream and coffee 


No added sugar, zero additives, vegan, keto


 Ingredients: Cacao beans from Solomon Islands


原住民在Makira島和Vella Lavella島種植可可,具有柔和及原始的風味,反映了當地人民的情感和文化起源。

In the Southern Pacific Ocean, the Solomon Islands consist of six main islands and about 1000 small volcanic and coral islands, where the nature of tropical forests and the diversity of ethnic cultures are preserved.

Cacao from the small indigenous villages on the islands of Makira and Vella Lavella, has a soft and naive flavour, which reflects the affection of the people and the nature of their origins.

This fine cacao with notes of olive, cashew, cream and coffee, due to its smooth and balanced palate, allowed us to create 100% chocolate, without adding any other ingredients.

In addition to being able to appreciate the pure and genuine taste of cocoa, this neutrality allows to invent unlimited harmonizations and recipes, including some savory dishes.

 Ingredients: Cacao beans from Solomon Islands.


聽聽 Feitoria do Cacao 的一席話: 

來自不同國家的可可豆我們都會一一測試和實驗,把可可蘊藏的個性和特點研發成不同的獨特產品。我們尊重可可的本質,注重朱古力製造過程中的每個細節,所以我們把小批量的可可豆製成小批量的Bean-to-bar 朱古力。





About Feitoria do Cacao's love of chocolate

We test and experiment with cacao from different countries until we reached a product that focuses on unique and special character that each Terroir can offer us. We respect its nature, paying attention to every detail in the chocolate manufacturing process: we make chocolate from the beans in micro-batches, Bean-to-Bar. We pay a fair price, above the ones in domestic market, for the raw materials we use, contributing equally to the motivation of producers to a high-quality cacao whose price is proportional and appropriate to their effort and dedication. Chocolate wins, as well as all of us who will taste it.

We make the choice of cacao, we roast it, part the skins, grind, refine, temper it and pack by hand, from the raw cocoa beans to the finished bar in small amounts and all within our facilities. Not only do we have a chocolate that tastes good but also a chocolate that makes us well.

If in one hand we can take the credit for the extreme caution we have in the whole manufacturing process of our chocolate, by knowing where the scents have reached its peak when the desired texture is reached, all the credit for the range in unique flavors as well as the effect that chocolate has on people who taste it, goes to the cocoa that we use and its countries of origin. We use cocoa from different origins and the Terroir in cocoa, as in fine wine, gives each type of cocoa its unique flavor and character.

We could make chocolate in larger quantities, we could be less worried about buying the best cocoa, or in paying a lower price for the raw material: it would be cheaper and less laborious. But our obsession to obtain the best chocolate from each cocoa, leads us to devote all our care and soul in what we are doing.

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